Our Magick Story

1st Generation Family-Owned Business

The young lady to the right is my granddaughter, Madeline, at age 5 showing her dad her first firefly.  Of course, he edited the photo to add the magical glow - but the wonder and expression on her face is real. 

Having never seen one, she was simply enchanted by the "lightning bugs" that appear here in the south each spring. 


Our goal is to offer you something magical and enchanted each time you open a package from Magick Moon, LLC or visit our little farm.

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About Magick Moon Farm

Established in 2019, Magick Moon Farm is learning the ropes and growing strong as we excitedly add new animals and their housing to the farm family.  Settled in a secluded valley in the Appalachian Mountains this tiny farm has great expectations. 

We are working hard on learning the ropes of creating and sustaining here at Magick Moon, and we hope to be open for visitors next spring with a farm store and animal interactions. 

Each member of our farm is a member of our family, and everyone here has a "job".   We are excited to introduce our farm family members so that you can come to know and love them as we do. 

On our farm, we will seek to create a self-sustaining lifestyle, gradually becoming less dependent on mass production and more dependent on our own efforts.

Be sure to meet our animals, and check out our online farm store too! 

Upcoming Events & Market Dates

We regularly schedule time in our community to share our goods and love for Magick Moon Farm! We would love to see you and your family at one of our upcoming events.

Can't make it to the market? Be sure to check out our online store! We will ship Magick Moon to you!